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Lincoln Auto Accidents and Long-Term Pain

Lincoln auto injury pain treatmentIf you live in Lincoln and you've been in a car wreck, you have to know that you don't have to suffer from chronic problems.

Research Shows Chiropractic Helps With Chronic Pain after an Auto Injury

We deal with lots of auto injury sufferers in our Lincoln office, and many of these people are dealing with chronic pain caused by an old crash. As a matter of fact, research shows that a significant proportion of rear-end crashes trigger pain and disability even ten years after the original injury.

Dr. Kallio is here to help you avoid developing chronic issues by helping to restore the healthy function of your spine soon after a crash.

The most frequent causes of chronic issues are reduced flexibility of your spinal column and the development of scar tissue in your spine. The ligaments of your neck and back can easily be injured during a crash, and chiropractic works by minimizing inflammation and restoring normal motion.

We Can Help With Chronic Pain and Auto Injury Recovery

If you're close to our Lincoln office, and you've been injured in a collision, don't wait to get treatment. Dr. Kallio is here for you. Give us a call today at (402) 484-5166 for an appointment or for more information.

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August 03, 2020